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2 years gone

So a couple of weeks ago a milestone passed… Two years since I first came to Rio.
Time flies!

So what are my thoughts after two years…
Unfortunately, I probably feel less safe now than I did 12 months ago… Walking through Ipanema now there’s a lot more people begging, sometimes aggressively, than ever before for instance. Sometimes it makes you not want to go out for the hassle that happens and the fear of having something stolen.

People here are generally very friendly and helpful, although there is a very odd juxtaposition of manners sometimes. I’ve mentioned before, but on the metro people just have to be the first on the train, without making room to let people off first. This mad dash to get on first at all costs, no matter who you have to push out the way.. But then they give up the seat to an elderly person without hesitation.

GIG airport is still rubbish with no real change in the two years so far… Terminal 1 refurb is only just starting, despite initially being planned to be completed for the World Cup.

There’s still as much bureaucracy as ever… my visa renewal process looks like it might be as painfully drawn out as the first time round… Now I have a stamp in my passport that in theory will let me back in the country in January when my current visa has expired… A stamp that says I have applied for a new visa, that can take up to 18 months to come through… And in that time, I don’t get a new ID card or anything…

For myself, I have learnt disappointing little Portuguese… I still can’t speak much really, although I do understand a bit more now.

But winding back, would I do it again knowing what I know now? Probably – I think the opportunity, even with all its negative points, has still been worth it up till now. Not quite two years to go till the end now.


Visa time again

So I’ve finally handed my passport in to get the visa issued. It went in in the 27th, and I get it back on the 9th. So over 10 days! Good job I’m not flying back till later!!
It does upset my plans slightly, a I was only planning on being in London till the 7th… Will have to come back down now one day.
But it does mean when I go back to Rio I can get my RNE ASAP now, and also get the CPF sorted. It’s a shame we didn’t learn we could have applied for a CPF last time we were there, as you don’t need a visa. Would have been one thing checked off we didn’t need to worry about at least.

Next step then… Bank account and flat hunting.

Guess what….

I have a visa!!!
So finally when I get back in January I can get my RNE, CPF, bank account, and an apartment!
Although you can get a CPF without a visa, which may be useful if someone is travelling here for a while.
Off back to the UK tomorrow… And a 30C temp drop….

Aren’t visas fun…

So finally my documents arrived in Brazil today to complete the visa process!
So after trips to notaries, queuing at embassies and worrying waits on the post tracker all the forms are in!
Now comes the wait for the visa… Here’s to hoping it’s ready before I leave for the IOC debrief in November, otherwise I can’t make any progress on my first 4 weeks in Rio in terms of moving…