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Amazing Paralympics!

So another week down, and another post!  You’re being treated, I’ve not done two posts in a week for a while!

So last week I posted on the first day of competition of the Paralympics, having seen a packed Velodrome and a triumphant UK.  Since then, the UK’s triumphs have certainly continued with an amazing performance!

The park saw its busiest day of the whole Games, even more than the Olympics in terms of the number of entries!  So the fears of minimal ticket sales haven’t come true – there have been some events with empty seats, but certainly nothing worse than the Olympics.  Tomorrow I’m going to see the Wheelchair Basketball finals – unfortunately Team GB lost against the USA today, so will be competing in the early Bronze medal match, so hopefully I’ll still get to see them on the podium.  Now we have just 3 days left until it all comes to an end, the culmination of 4 years of work for me, and 7+ for some!  An amazing adventure, with lots of unexpected turns, problems, successes and in the end the delivery of a wonderful 4 weeks of sport.

Since my last post, 41 boxes have left my apartment and are on their way to a ship somewhere (via a lengthy exit customs process), on their way back to Europe.  Apparently it takes around 30 days to clear customs here, before it’ll go on to an available ship back to Europe.  My apartment feels a little empty, although still has all the essential furniture.  My cat does seem a little bit lost – especially since her special cosy place (sat on top of the AV amplifier in the TV cabinet) has disappeared.  She hasn’t found a suitably warm alternate yet I think.

The process of leaving Brazil is in full swing, from the complexities of closing work contracts (and something called homologation, where you have to attend the union to say you are happy with your exit), sorting out taxation, closing / registration as non-resident on bank accounts…  All quite complicated, and not helped by a bank strike.

Even moving out of an apartment here is complicated in comparison to the UK…  Today I had my apartment inspection, and it is quite odd to me what I am responsible to do that would normally be put down to just wear and tear.  For instance a standard clause of repainting the apartment, even though in the most part it is fine, and a couple of marks that would just be taken as wear and tear for me; dry cleaning the sofa etc.

One good news is at least I know where I am going now – my contract for an apartment in London is signed!  We are very much looking forward to moving back to London, but leaving Brazil does have some mixed feelings after so long here and so many new friends.

One week, two days to go and I’ll be sat on a plane (almost exactly right now in fact).  And poor Cookie the cat in the hold for 11 hours.