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CTPS and bank accounts

So Friday was an unexpected productive day!
Firstly I collected my CTPS from the Ministry of Labour. It really is like a little passport… for jobs… Which means I’m now able to get my contract here!

And then a very unexpected surprise! I have a bank account!! My company provided us with a letter to take with their partner bank, and with that I managed to open an account with Santander (not my first choice, but it’s who we work with apparently).

Unfortunately my apartment hasn’t come through yet… still in the process of legal wranglings, so hopefully still on for next weekend.


CTPS.. nearly ticked off

So… Left at 7am and had a good drive through to the Ministry of Labour. Only took 40 minutes from Barra.
However, it opens at 7am, and not 8am as we were told! Thankfully, our team assistant got there at 715 to get our place in the queue.
Unlike previous places where queuing had random shouting of names, here when you arrive you take a ticket. Even so, 15 minutes after opening we had to wait till around 10am to be seen.

Thankfully it’s a fairly simple process, you need originals and photocopies of everything (RNE, CPF, passport, visa, proof of residence), then they take your photo and fingerprints. Then you get a date to come back to pick the CTPS up. And yes, you have to queue again!

So that’s why I say nearly ticked! Next Friday I have to go back at 7am and queue again! We had a mix of ‘ready’ dates from the 8th to the 15th between the 5 of us, but we’re all going back on the 15th. Also you can’t delegate… You have to go in person.

But with that, I can finally get my contract from the Brazilian arm of my company, and then a bank account.

Then there’s the one last big hurdle, receiving my shipment from the UK!