1398 days down, 16 to go

Or another way to view it – 98.868% of my time in Brazil has gone by.Wow.

That’s gone quickly I guess! Looking back at my posts this evening, I’m surprised by how many there have been, even though it has died off somewhat recently. Recalling the hassle of international moving, bank accounts, CPFs and RNEs… while reliving the hassle of closing bank accounts (while the banks are on strike… again…) and international moving… For the last 2 years almost I’ve also been waiting for my visa renewal.. still am – I will leave Brazil it seems 22 months since applying for my visa renewal with it still ‘in processing’. I guess I’ll never actually receive that then!

The last month of my life has been somewhat busy, with the Olympic Games having finally arrived. Years of work and effort coming to a culmination of 2 weeks for the Olympics, and now 1.5 weeks of the Paralympics. And it was great, and certainly worth it. I was fortunate to see a number of competitions, and although in some cases there were disappointing levels of attendance, the atmosphere was always great, the transport worked well, the volunteers were fantastic (my own fiancé being one!) and the sport was amazing. The food… well… the less said about that the better! Generally things went extremely well, better than I think most would even have expected. Just to shake things up a bit we had a bit of scandal from some American swimmers, shouts of corruption and ticket racketeering from the Irish NOC. That helps distract from Brazil’s own corruption for a little while perhaps…

 And now the first day of competition of the Paras is coming to an end. Today I saw a nearly 100% full house at the velodrome preliminary session with some wonderful performances (including a round where all 4 qualifiers were inside of the previous Paralympic record!) and a really busy Paralympic Park – fantastic! Last night watching the Opening Ceremony, we got to see the Brazilian President get booed with shouts of ‘out Temer’ throughout the stadium, the same as happened during the Olympic Opening (he didn’t appear at the closing). I’m excited to see some wheelchair basketball and athletics next week.

 In between all the work and fun however is the task of moving back home. Tomorrow the moving company while arrive to pack up my stuff to ship back, to start a 30 day clearance process to leave Brazil. And I will follow two weeks later, both with my fiancé and cat in tow. Rather remarkably our cat is costing more than both of our fares put together! I hope she gets to dine on some nice steak and fine wine down in the hold. Thankfully I have a company helping with tax affairs and ensuring everything is in order, otherwise the mountain of bureaucracy might be a bit too much to cope with!!

 The last (almost) 4 years have been an amazing experience. I’ve learnt lots, seen things I never expected to see, experienced things I never planned on experiencing, met so many fantastic people and made countless memories to last a lifetime. It’s quite sad actually as I write this… the name of the blog was brit expat in rio. In two weeks, I won’t be that anymore. I’ll be another Brit back in London. Perhaps time for another blog to look at moving back home instead?

 It does feel rather odd. This is after all the second longest I’ve lived anywhere! In just over two weeks I’ll be boarding a plan leaving Rio without a return ticket booked. Of course I will be coming back regularly, but as a tourist and not a resident. I can’t help but have this feeling there are a million and one things I’ve forgotten to do….

So, for those of you have read my blog from time to time, thanks for reading. Maybe there will be more posts… maybe not! 


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