It’s Christmas again!

2015 hasn’t been quite the best year for me posting here that regularly…  To my 2 readers, I am sorry!  So here is your Christmas present, a blog post!

Christmas 2015 in Rio didn’t get the most auspicious of starts, with no tree in Lagoa 😦  Well, actually as of this week there is, but it was somewhat delayed…  There was a heavy storm in mid-November, and the tree structure was collapsed!  So the normal opening (happily coinciding with my Birthday, so I always get a nice fireworks display) was postponed.

The official opening hasn’t happened yet as far as I know (if it is at all), but last night I saw the tree lit up for the first time, so it made it in time for Christmas!  I’ll go and see it one evening this week to get a few pictures.

Speaking of trees, our own tree at home as grown somewhat this year!  In getting last year’s tree down from the cupboard I could only find two legs… not quite enough for it to stand up.  So, after failing to improvise, a quick trip to the shop and a new 2.10m tree was purchased!  And I must say, it does look good!!  

Even more surprising is that after a week it is still there, intact, all the baubles still there.  My cat Cookie has decided not to attack the tree!  She plays a little bit with one bauble every now and then, and seems to like scratching against the branches, but not climbing, attacking and attempting to kill the intruder.

And what of Christmas itself this year in Rio?  Oddly, it so far feels the least Christmassy yet…  35 degree heat has never exactly made Rio feel that Christmassy to me, but places do tend to go all out in their decorations still, and of course we still have huge piles of Panettone in the supermarkets..  But for some reason this year (perhaps it is the test events and me working every weekend) I haven’t quite caught the Christmas spirit full on yet.  The Olympic themed decorations in Shopping Leblon.

Next week I head back to the UK to spend 10 days back at home, before coming back for my final New Year’s Eve in Rio.  Then just 9 months to go until it is time to pack up and head back, and my 4 year odyssey comes to an end.


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